My DIY iPad and e-Reader Case

Why I Don’t Love my Ipad

I am the first person in the world to (gasp!) not LOVE my ipad. I like it a lot, I love to read blogs and check my email and facebook on it. But it is not like a laptop, and I wish I could blog from it easier.

Why I Need a DIY Ipad Case

For Christmas I got a keyboard case, which I am hoping will make my “expensive gameboy” a bit more useful. Thus I needed a new case… just something to store it in so the back doesn’t get scratched up in my mom bag purse.

To Pinterest I went, and found this tutorial. I was lucky enough to be at my Grandmas house, with a sewing room the size of my entire top floor of my house. I found some cute vintage fabric in her stash and I kind of winged it from there.

Because of my non perfectionist ways, this red floral one was REALLY snug on my ipad, so I plan on using it for my nook or kobo. The inside of this one is red, which gave me the added band on the sides.

I made another ipad case and decided to add some batting for added cushion. I really like the batting and the way it feels. This case has the vintage blue floral fabric on both sides, then the floral is only on the flap, which I like a bit better. The flap was an afterthought, so not as clean as I was hoping. Oh well.


After digging through grandmas button stash, I finished off the closures and was good to go!



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