Earls Calgary Tin Palace Reopens

After extensive damage from flooding in Calgary, Earls Restauraunt in downtown’s Mission area is finally reopened.  9 months of restoration and repairs brings an exiting new look to the space.  To celebrate its opening I was able to attend a lunch with some fellow Calgary bloggers and get a sneak peak at the place.

A new drinks menu is available along with the classics you would love and expect. The cocktails were amazing, with a unique touch in each one.  This Earls Signature Caesar has a beef jerky stir stick and a pickle.


This was called Cabin Fever and was infused with a ginger syrup.  I can’t tell you how it tasted (I don’t drink) but everyone loved it.  I was thrilled to see the cute camping mug and pine cone garnish.


My all time favorite meal at Earls – The spicy chicken sandwich.  Its a classic, and while everyone else was enjoying their sushi and seafood, I was thrilled to not have to share my mine! This along with the chicken tacos were this safe (read: picky) eaters favorites.

IMG_3401The desserts were delicious, as would be expected.  I think the all time favorites for me were the hot toffee sunday and the chocolate sticky toffee pudding.  Yummy.Hot Toffee Sundae

On to the design.  Earls has an in house design team that custom makes everything for their restaurants.  Each light fixture is custom designed for them. In the bar area there is a massive industrial light that spans the entire width of the bar.  The vintage edison bulbs are so fun, and add the dim lighting you would expect.  It looks amazing at night time.


No boring bathroom stalls here, each bathroom has its own door, and like the restaurant bathroom snoop that I am, I had to document it for you all.  Old menu designs from earls were made into a wallpaper that is placed on the ceiling.  White subway tiles run the entire height of the walls.  Its a classic yet industrial style, with amazing tall metal framed mirrors and vintage inspired tin pendant lights over the sink.  Swoon.


The art piece that catches your eye immediately upon entering the restaurant is this custom installation by a Vancouver artist named Ricky Alvarez.  Its a topographical map of Calgary, showing the inner city area where the bow and elbow river’s merge.  Its beautiful, and truly a work of art.


Be sure to visit Earls, and support the area of Calgary that needs us the most.  Your reward is amazing food and beautiful sights.


Earls Tin Palace
2401 4 St. S.W.
Calgary, AB T2S 1X5


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