Salvaged Furniture in Calgary

The amazing stores where vintage finds and architectural salvaged treasures are found seem to only appear on HGTV and in the east coast, in cities such as Toronto and surrounding areas.  I would see amazing transformations from junkyard dump to a vintage gem, only to peruse my local thrift store and see nothing.

I found some gems in the salvage center where I found my junkyard sofa and chair that I reupholstered (here and here) but there isn’t the mass quantities and qualities that I see elsewhere.  I think home builders in Calgary just tear existing homes down, and don’t take the time to salvage old architectural items.  Either that or we just weren’t that big of a city back then and there isn’t enough materials to go around.

That is until my friend Merry told me about this great place in Ramsay, Calgary called Reclaimed Canada.  I started following them on instagram and was so excited to see all the amazing finds they had.  Not only did they have antique items, they took apart old barns, banks, and other buildings and had the wood planks that they can custom build furniture with.  There was a beautiful herringbone headboard.


When you visit the store, you will drive by on the street, looking for a hipster store front with a chalkboard wall, fancy coffee shops, and high prices. If you are looking for that, like I was, you will miss it completely.  Instead, you will see a small sign with and arrow, leading you past industrial items, machines this city girl doesn’t recognize, and pull up to a shipping container with a tiffany blue truck on it.  Behind that I saw my first in real life airstream trailer.  I knew I was in for something good. The warehouse is filled with amazing things, from vintage signs, planks of wood, metal letters, or completely custom built furniture I think there is something for everyone hidden in here.

Salvage Furniturepicstitch (2)picstitch (3)

For more information on the Salvage furniture collection, visit
Visit Reclaimed at 845 24 Ave. S.E., 403-714-2631,, @reclaimedtc


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