Arranging Furniture With A Corner Fireplace

A corner fireplace was probably a great idea back when we had really big tv’s that were as deep as they were wide.  The corner fireplace created a great location to stick the tv and not invade your entire living room.

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  I have the unfortunate luck of moving into a house that has a fireplace in its corner.  What makes the situation even worse is the massive window right beside it, and weird half walls that limit furniture placement and have me hating this room and cursing all corner fireplaces in existence.

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In my goal to embrace the corner fireplace I have been pinning living rooms with corner fireplaces.  I want to write a disclaimer on each pin, so that when they get repinned people know how frustrating it is, and will not choose such a nightmare for their own home.

So, if you are building a new house, never put your fireplace in the corner of your room.  But if you are buying a house that is already built, and the cost of renovating to get rid of that “thing” is unavailable to you, then here are some living rooms that work, in spite of the corner fireplaces they are stuck with.

This amazing transformation uses the existing furniture to transform the furniture layout into something that works.  via BluLabelBungalow

Do you have a TV in the room? You have two options.  Place the tv above the fireplace or place the tv on an adjoining or opposite wall, depending on your room configuration.  I think you can make these rooms work, but it is always placing the fireplace as a side thought.  Its much easier to decorate for holidays, events, and just everyday when you have a very clear focal point.

Corner FireplaceHolly has a corner fireplace too!

I love this furniture layout with a corner fireplace and wish my living room were big enough to duplicate it.  via Emily Clark

167069_501079829210_3277967_nThis photo is totally staged for a real estate listing but the layout works.  Notice the lack of a sofa, replaced by a much smaller love seat.
via Alice Lane Home

The following pictures are what I tend to see the most often.  It works, but not the best option available. This is why I recommend we BANISH corner fireplaces forever.c3611713_2c3615520_4

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  1. Linda says

    Who knew that so many people have corner fireplaces! I was beginning to think I was the only one. My living room is tiny compared to these, but there are some good ideas.

      • becca says

        What do you recommend for corner fireplace in a small living room… North section of the room is an opening to the dining room with 21ft half walls of either side (the house was built in the early 1900s), the fireplace sits in the corner of the north “wall” and the east wall – which is a full wall with a piano window, the South wall is window, and the west wall has the opening to the entryway at its conjunction with the south wall. I current have a couch and loveseat in there and the tv in on the fireplace. I’d like to get that off, but I don’t know how strange things… Help!

  2. says

    THANK YOU! My biggest problem area is my corner fireplace/funny tall angled wall/where-do-I-put-the-tv? room! Thank you for the ideas!!! One question… I have my tv against the wall next to the fireplace and I feel it TOTALLY competes with the fireplace as the focal point. Any suggestions?? Other than hiding the tv in an armoire I just don’t know what to do.

  3. Jamie says

    I am emailing you a picture of my living room right now! I have a massive living room with a corner fireplace. I have tried everything and am still not happy with the layout :( Why didn’t I realize this when I was looking at this home?!?

  4. Kimberly Vinson says

    Hi, Great arrangements! I was wondering if you could tell me where the media console is from in the 1st after picture you have listed above? Thanks

  5. Annette says

    Great to see others are also looking for solutions to this problem – I am also in the “I hate corner fireplaces” camp. I live in a hundred year old home with not 1 but 4 of these ‘things’!!

  6. Natasha says

    My corner fireplace living room is our ugliest space because I’ve lived with it for 5 years without investing in new furniture to suit it’s corner fireplace. It’s the exact layout of the photo taken from above – with almost that much space. It’s also our ‘family room’ so that means HOURS of TV watching going on in there – at least 2 immensely comfortable spots need to face the TV. Its open to the kitchen AND one wall is the nicest view in the house (don’t want to block it with a couch). Thanks for showing some ideas of what others have done with their spaces… makes me feel less alone! Oh -and I think your decorating skill level goes to 10 if you tackle and conquer a room with a corner fireplace!

  7. Sue Carnell says

    I’m just about to add a corner fireplace to my living room. Having read your comments, I really hesitating! Was planning on the TV next to the fireplace. The room is 14′ wide. Seems too narrow to put the fireplace on the side wall. Any ideas will be appreciated!

  8. Heather says

    LOL,The house I just had built has a corner fireplace and I didn’t think anything of it. Now my large leather sofa with chaise presented a challenge but I’ve made peace with it. Now I’m just trying to decide if I can flank the fireplace with a couple smaller chairs. There are windows on both sides and it doesn’t jut out much from the wall so not sure it will work.

  9. Johanna says

    Oh my gosh corner fireplaces have & still are the current bane of my existence in this home!! Short of building new walls, and removing old ones, it’s looking like unless I buy new furniture, I’m going to have to arrange my living room in the opposite wall area, and ignore the fireplace tothe area. :(

  10. kathie says

    Can I send you some pic of my living room with a corner fireplace for some ideas? I have several obstacles to work with, first the corner fireplace,then a tv wall entertainment center and wall of Windows plus the room being open to the kitchen, I would so appreciate any help!

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