DIY Leather Mary Jane Booties – Cricket Design Space Star Challenge 2

DIY Leather Mary Jane Booties

Gold Leather Baby Shoes Blogging is a lot like design school, and I love it.  The last minute challenges, the deadlines, doubting yourself, being creative on a timeline, all good things!  So when I was asked to be part of a design competition for Cricut, completing projects and hoping to win a grand prize I jumped in, no second thoughts.  Then came the specifics.  The first month’s theme is fashion / gear.  We are divided into teams of 10 who choose a sub theme to work together with.  Ensue panic, because I can be crafty with the best of them, but NOT with clothing.  Its too tricky to get the fit right, and my projects hardly ever turn out the way I had hoped. IMG_9693-1My team decided to theme up with lace.  After many ideas of projects I could use, I decided that in order to have a creative project I wanted to make the design myself, rather than using what was in the design space store already.  So… I decided to make some gift ready leather Mary Jane baby shoes.  I have tried a few different patterns over the years, and I can never cut the two sides the same.  This time it was PERFECT using a machine like the cricut.  I want to cut out all sewing patterns with this! gold shoes white1 To begin with, I cut out my template on cardstock as a trial run.  I wanted to try out the machine, use the pen function, and learn the mechanics of it in a beginners project. photo 1 (2) I then got brave, going straight to the leather.  My leather was pretty thin, so I used the regular cutting mat, and the regular blade.  I simply put the cut settings on custom and chose leather in the design space options.  It went over my template 3 times.  It cut beautifully and easily – no snags and each piece peeled like 2 (3)photo 3 (3)photo 2 (2)   I then attached my lace to the toe section, and a lining to the heel to cover up the elastic.  If I were to make another pair I would just cut out the entire heel shape in the liner.  Next time!  The toe and heel were attached using a regular sewing machine, and regular needle.  I gathered the ankle strap to add more ruffles but you could easily make the strap shorter for a smoother look. IMG_9681-1 IMG_0865 To see the other projects that my amazing team came up with, here is a sneak peek and where to find them:Cricket Design Space Star

No Sew Ruffled Lace Tote by Laura’s Crafty Life
Ombre Lace Ruffle Skirt by Handmade in the Heartland
DIY Lace-Cut Gold Leather Cuff by The Project Girl

Cricket Design Space Star Team 11 Have you got your cricut yet?  



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