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A Handmade Holiday #CDNHandmadeHoliday

I have had Christmas on my mind for a while.  Specifically, I knew I wanted to switch up my tree ornaments to something other than what I had last year.  Luckily, I own a lot of neutral gold, white and silver ornaments.  Ribbon is what made my tree MOSTLY blue last year, with the addition…

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Home & Design


Pillows Poufs and Throws

The best items to add to a room are pillows, throws, or poufs.  These key items add the finishing touches to a space, the personality, and the cozy ...

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Loving Local – Calgary

Spencer Ogden Calgary Office 1

The rapidly growing recruitment firm Spencer-Ogden just opened its new office doors in Calgary last week.  What makes it stand out to me is not its ...

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Gopher Museum

Fun and Frugal Kids Activities My friend Karrie has 5 kids, including a teenager, a toddler, and several in between.  In an effort to find different ...

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Book Planter

This week was the Calgary Stampede and I didn't attend once.  I am so sad about it, but relieved at the same time.  My kids are too young to take for ...

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 New Old Toys I am always fascinated when someone (usually a speech or occupational therapist) brings over a toy or game for my kids to play with and they are so happy they run around like they just had honey boo-boo’s go go juice. Its not like we haven’t had the same toy at our…

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christmas woodland terrarium

 Christmas Woodland Terrarium Its Cricut time again.  This month the theme was Holiday Crafts & Gear, and our team theme was glitter. I wanted to make a paper house, but got stumped as to how to hang it in the tree.  It led me to thinking of a major jar to use as a base,…

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Metallic Gold Accents

Hello everyone – I am so excited to welcoming you all to the Housewarming Party from Wayfair!  We are off to a late start this week due to the holidays and some slow Idaho Internet. As the host I get to select my favorite projects to feature, and everyone can submit their own projects to…

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