Book Club – The Irresistible Treat Box from Boursin

brooke cheese finals

Book club is always a great gathering of friends with great discussion that sometimes includes discussion about the book. I had the pleasure of hosting this month’s meeting using an Irresistible Treat Box from Boursin and I went all out on the food and decor. I set up a food table for my guests to gather at…

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Bedtime Negotiations #5MoreMinutes #StreamTeam

Bedtime Negotiations

When Mick is working late or out of town I can usually keep my parenting skills in check for a while.  When I am temporarily a single parent the part of the day I struggle with the most is bed time.  I am a bedtime push over.  I failed bedtime negotiation 101 for real. My kids…

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Christmas Mantle – Photo Stockings


We have started decorating for the holidays, the Christmas tree is up and the kids are so excited. As soon as we got our first snow fall of the season they have been asking if today was Christmas.  Its going to be a long month with them asking every single day.  This year is the…

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The Ultimate Couch Fort

Ultimate Couch Fort

It all started when the Christmas decorations came out.  I had two large boxes next to the sofa that the kids deemed their bunk beds. The loved laying on top of the boxes and eventually added blankets which began to stretch from the boxes to the sofa.  It didn’t take long for the entire fort…

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The Irresistible Treat Box from Boursin

Irresistible Treat Box from Boursin

Getting a surprise package at your door is so exciting. I had an unexpected box delivered to my house the other day. Actually, I got a notice that I had to sign for a box, and I kept missing the driver who always seemed to come when I was picking my son up from school. After two days…

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Homemade Holidays – My 2015 Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree-sm

As a designer, I often get asked if I think people should have a beautiful, matching, very decorated tree or a colorful tree with handmade ornaments and memories.  My answer is always, both!  If you have the room, have two separate trees.  If you don’t have the room then incorporate both. Growing up, we always had…

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Learning New Skills With Lego #HappyMomMoments

lego learning1

My baby is growing up.  I sometimes look at Jett and can’t believe what he is learning and doing. He is learning to read and follow instructions, and I love seeing him able to accomplish new things. I mentioned earlier that I have noticed the changes in development with my younger boys in how they…

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Meeting Milestones and #HappyMomMoments

Meeting Milestones with Lego Duplo

There is something about having a brand new baby in the house that makes your older children suddenly seem like giants.  We have always referred to our twins as “the babies” and it has become apparent that they are nowhere near being babies any more.  With the newborn in the house we will need to…

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Dancers Among Us


As a former dancer and lover of all things NYC, I fell in LOVE with this collection of photography called Dancers Among Us.  Because anyone who has ever been a dancer knows that you don’t just dance when in the studio or on the stage.  Every movement can be artistic. What a beautiful way of showing the…

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Book Review: Party Style by Gemma Touchstone

Party Style

Does party style come easy to you?  I have to admit, the ideas come easy to me but the execution does not.  It seems like a lot of work and I end up spending more hours searching for inspiration on pinterest than actually planning the party. I just finished reading Party Style: Kids Parties from Baby…

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Fall Home Tour – My House

Fall Home Tour

I am not sure if calling this a house tour is wholly appropriate, but I wanted to start doing a better job of documenting my house on the holidays.  It may not be magazine worthy, but its fun to remember what the house looks like at different times of the year.     My piano…

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Netflix Halloween #NetflixHalloween #StreamTeam

Netflix Halloween Spiderman

Halloween is just a few short days away, and our house is going spooky decoration crazy.  My boys love adding new accessories to our house every single day, and always beg to try on costumes. We have quite the collection gathering in the basement.  I believe halloween might be the most low key, no pressure…

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