Whats Up With A Water Softener? Why Soft Water?


I mentioned earlier how I feel like a princess about my need for a water softener.  Soft water allows me to feel luxurious, and without it I feel like I am roughing it in life.  However, for those who don’t have a water softener machine, you might not realize all pros and cons of having…

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Luxury Living With A Water Softener


Water Softener – The House Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed Confession: I may be a princess about my soft water. I couldn’t live without my water softener…OK, maybe I could live but I would be grumpy and my skin would be very dry and I would be using way  too much shampoo and detergent…

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Wild Twin Boys Bedroom – Update

Twin Boys Bedroom

This fall we had a great big bedroom switcheroo.  While pregnant with Hayes I had a really hard time figuring out who to put in which room.  I started with Jett in his own room, and the twins sleeping in the striped bedroom in a twin bed, sleeping feet to feet.  The bed has a…

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Gold Straw Himelli plant holders


I have seen these awesome himelli projects and have wanted to make one for a long time.  At my latest trip to the hardware store I bought some copper pipe and a pipe cutter.  It was fairly easy to cut, but hard to get the pieces to a precise length. While the copper was relatively…

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Calgary Furniture – Locally Owned Stores


Are you looking for something to update your home? Do you want to support local stores or find something original you won’t find anywhere else? Here is a list of my favorite Calgary Furniture stores that are owned and operated here in #yyc. Showhome Furniture: Showhome Furniture is a local, family owned furniture store in Calgary….

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Design Trend: Letter Board & Lightbox


The power of a word amazes me.  I am a visual person, and have a really hard time expressing myself verbally.  Its why the lyrics to a song or a quote often say what is on my mind in a better way than I ever could.  I love music for its ability to speak for…

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Conversations with kids #streamteam

Netflix Conversations With Kids

Kids say the darndest things, right? I am amazed at the some of the questions that my son has asked me lately.  Before I answer, I always ask him where he heard it or how it was used in order to explain something with an age appropriate answer. It always amazes me what my children…

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Design Your Home Exterior #LPSmartSide

Exterior Design

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting the brands who make this blog possible. For years I worked for a home builder, both designing show homes and working with home owners to select the finishes on their home.  Both times, we needed to select the every material…

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Outdoor Dining Table Decorations

Outdoor Dining and tablescape ideas

Al Fresco At Last! The sun is out for warm weather and long days, and its time to enjoy the outdoor dining season.  I like to BBQ as much as possible so my husband has to cook dinner…. I mean… so we can eat outside!  I love being out in our yard and playing games after…

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Paper Flower Lamp Shade

floral lamp shade inspired by antropologie using paper flowers | Brooklyn Berry Designs |

I am loving everything floral and succulents these days, and while my plants tend to be pretty hardy in the back yard, I wanted to experiment with the paper flowers I have seen all over.  I decided to make over a lamp shade and add some greenery, leaves, and flowers for a simple and girly…

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High Tech Kitchen Trends

High Tech Kitchen Trend - Brooklyn Berry Designs

When it comes to kitchen design, it seems like not that much can change. From stain colors to paint colors, and possibly some profiles, it seems like that is the limit to customization in kitchens.  But that is not all. There is plenty more going on behind the cabinet doors. I want to share with…

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Planters: Gardening For Beginners

Gardening For Beginners | Brooklyn Berry Designs |

The temperatures are starting to rise and the flowers in our gardens are starting to bloom. Whether you have a large garden or just a small patio, you can always have a place for flowers to grow. I am by no means a skilled gardener, but I like to have flowers and plants to look…

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