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Top 10 Reasons I Love My Cricut Explore

For years I have seen the blog posts from all the creative people showing the amazing things they made with machines that cut things out.  I wanted one for so long, I dreamed of the projects I could do. I asked for a machine each year for Christmas, and when I finally got one, I…

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Pillows Poufs and Throws

The best items to add to a room are pillows, throws, or poufs.  These key items add the finishing touches to a space, the personality, and the cozy ...

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Loving Local – Calgary

Spencer Ogden Calgary Office 1

The rapidly growing recruitment firm Spencer-Ogden just opened its new office doors in Calgary last week.  What makes it stand out to me is not its ...

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Gopher Museum

Fun and Frugal Kids Activities My friend Karrie has 5 kids, including a teenager, a toddler, and several in between.  In an effort to find different ...

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Book Planter

This week was the Calgary Stampede and I didn't attend once.  I am so sad about it, but relieved at the same time.  My kids are too young to take for ...

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Black Friday Deals

If you are headed out to do some early morning black friday shopping, or you would rather stay home in your pajamas and order online (that is me, can you tell?) I just wanted to share some of the great deals out there and other awesome Black Friday Promo Codes. Black Friday Sale. 50% Off Fitbit…

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Alright, let me start out by saying I am sorry for the less than stellar photos on this. I taught a craft class for a group of 8 people to make a Christ focused scripture advent calendar and wanted to share the groups projects, and the directions for those who took it home as a…

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christmas woodland terrarium

 Christmas Woodland Terrarium Its Cricut time again.  This month the theme was Holiday Crafts & Gear, and our team theme was glitter. I wanted to make a paper house, but got stumped as to how to hang it in the tree.  It led me to thinking of a major jar to use as a base,…

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