Planters: Gardening For Beginners

Gardening For Beginners | Brooklyn Berry Designs |

The temperatures are starting to rise and the flowers in our gardens are starting to bloom. Whether you have a large garden or just a small patio, you can always have a place for flowers to grow. I am by no means a skilled gardener, but I like to have flowers and plants to look…

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Painting Progress & Reveal


It is time to get painting. A few weeks ago I wrote about my decision to paint over the stripes in my sons bedroom. I was worried about covering the stripes with a solid colour and the lines still showing through. CIL’s free Ask An Expert service, allowed me to ask various paint questions from…

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Teaching Kids To Garden

Teaching Kids Garden

A while back Jett was asked at school to write about spring.  He filled the pages with stories about going to the beach, swimming to the dock, and all sorts of summer activities. Clearly he had no idea what happens in spring. Granted, we have a very short spring season here in Calgary. It seems to…

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DIY Beard Oil – Fathers Day Gift Idea

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

We have reached the point in our lives where gift giving is hard.  The small things we need, we just pick up as needed.  The things we want or need are fairly large ticket items that you would want to pick out yourselves for such a big investment. So what do you get your man for…

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Home Tour: Luxury Lake House


I used to feature show homes all the time on this here blog.  You see, I used to work for a home builder on the team that designed the show homes from floor plan to picture hanging.  I loved them. But then, I found they all started to look the same.  Either that or I…

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Body Worlds Vital at Telus Spark

Body Worlds Vital

Have you seen the Body Worlds Vital exhibit at Telus Spark? Now is your last chance, as it closes May 31st.  This is your opportunity to learn about the human body with a focus on healthy living and lifestyle. I visited the exhibit with my mom, my son Jett, who is 7 years old, and…

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Creative Bedrooms Using Paint


Looking for creative bedrooms for your kids? Or for yourself?  Paint is such a great way to add personality to a room.  Whether it be a soothing, calm hue or a bright and playful tone, the color of a room makes a big impact on the way you feel.   For home owners looking for a…

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Living Room Art E-Design


Sometimes you need some serious design help and other times you just want to ask a friend with a good eye for a second opinion.  A quick design question to ask an interior designer without having to hire one fora  major consulting fee.  That is what makes e-designs so wonderful! (Did you know I can…

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The Great Boys Bedroom Debate #CILAskAnExpert


This fall we had a great big bedroom switcheroo.  While pregnant with Hayes, I had a really hard time figuring out who to put in which room.  After many furniture moving nights, room and bed rearrangements, and hauling clothes back and forth (a few times), I finally got the kids into an arrangement that worked…

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Netflix Shows For Kids Of All Ages #streamteam

Siblings Playlist Netflix

March and April are the months of continual birthdays in our family.  There are 8 birthdays in those two months, so its a really crazy time with lots of family get-togethers. I think eventually we will evolve into a monthly family party to celebrate together, but for now the kids and grand kids love being…

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Thrifted DIY Jewelry Holder #12monthsofdiy

Thrifted DIY Jewelry Holder

Organizing my jewelry in a functional yet beautiful way has been a challenge of mine for years.  Felt boxes are a nice way to keep them organized in a drawer but I find I don’t wear accessories as often if they are not easily accessible and out for me to look at. Luckily I was…

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Outdoor Entertaining Tips From Debbie Travis

Dishware Outdoor Entertaining Tips

On days where the temperature is above 25 degrees (that is about 80 for you Americans) I am out the door in shorts and sandals, and I stay outside as long as I can.  Even my kids know and tag along.  Jett is learning about temperature in school, and each day they all guess the…

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