Gift Guide 2016: Gifts for new homeowners


Hey everyone! Today’s gift guide is new home owners.  Chances are a new homeowner would be young and is pretty tech savvy, so I called this the Tech New Home Owner. Whether it is a brand new built home or a project with full renovations, there are always a few upgrades you would love to…

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Gift Guide 2016 – Books For Everybody


Hey everyone! Today’s gift guide is for all the readers in your life.  Books for everybody! Whether they read non-stop or just a book a year, there is bound to be something they will enjoy on this list. When I was in university I had to promise my mom that I wouldn’t read any books…

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Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts For Women


Hey Friends! Today I am sharing a gift guide for women, who are sometimes the hardest people to buy for.  In this group I have included some of my favorite things, or luxuries I would love to have.  I hope this gives you a few ideas for your mom, sister, mother in law, or awesome…

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Gift Ideas For Everyone If you are looking for gift ideas for everyone on your list, than you have come to the right place.  Every year there are some people that are easy to shop for, and others who stress me out and get left until the last minute.  Which is even worse because there…

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Handmade 3D Snowflake Ornaments


3D Snowflake Ornaments I love to change my Christmas decorations each year, and in order to not spend a ton of money I always make some ornaments at home.  I have a few beautiful glass bulbs that are neutral – silver, gold, grey and then whatever color I am going with that year I will…

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When you have an older home, sometimes it comes with a long list of major faults that need to be fixed.  Other times it’s a newly built home you would like to put your personal touches on.  Either way, the chances are you have a couple projects you want to tackle in your home.  There…

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Funny Printable Gift Tags


I used to make own gift tags with left over wrapping paper scraps and while that is functional, it doesn’t look very pretty.  I also like that it is inexpensive because spending money on something that is going straight to the garbage is not ideal.  What is a girl with designer taste and frugal tendencies…

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Home Design

15 Ideas For Decorating With Hunter Green


Hunter Green Is The New Black Hunter green is back in home decor in a big way. I have seen it creeping its way into both modern and traditional interiors, it has come a long way from the hunting lodge and country club look of the 90s.  My favorite way to use hunter green in home…

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Halloween Decor Inside and Out

Halloween Decor

I think fall and Halloween decorations are so fun, and maybe because the bar is set pretty low.  There are some simple crafts and things, but its not as expected and over the top like it is for other holidays (Christmas, I am looking at you) and I can pick up some dollar store items…

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Fall Home Tour 2016 – CBN


My Fall Home Tour Its fall again!  As much as I love summer, fall will always be one of my favorites for home decor.  I am not sure if it is because there is not pressure, or because there isn’t a set theme or color scheme to work with that other holidays come with.  Either…

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Crafts & DIY Ideas

Holiday Home Decor – Pallet wood signs


Lets Talk Christmas & Holiday Home Decor I love changing out my decor for each season.  I don’t change my entire house, but just a few areas in my home to bring in the holidays.  The kids get so excited, and I love changing things up.  For this years holiday home decor, I started with fall-ish…

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Halloween Craft Ghost Tassels


This Ghost Tassels post was written by my SIL Katie and posted on our old blog Little Light Design Collective a few years ago.  I still love it, so thought I would re-share her project here.  I hope you enjoy! My husband always jokes that our kids will never know what seasonal decorations look like….

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Ribbon Tassel Keychain


For The Person Who Loses Everything As a busy and easily distracted person I often find myself searching my purse for my keys, phone, sunglasses, or planner.  Pretty much, I spend a lot of time searching for things every day.  I used to have a big leather keychain on my car keys and I loved…

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Mom toddler and twins

This is part 2 of a 4 part series on Infertility and IVF in Alberta. Click on the titles to read ...

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Edge Walk - CN Tower

How I learned to enjoy my own company, and love being independent. I spent my weekend on a ...

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Family Christmas Shows on Netflix

December is such a fun month to celebrate.  For our family there is my birthday (which really ...

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This is part 4 of a 4 part series on Infertility and IVF in Alberta. Click on the titles to read ...

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Tips for a fun easter egg hunt

In our family, there are 7 grandkids ages 2-5.  This is really fun most of the time, but for ...

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I want to rant a bit, and I figure this is the safest place to do it because, its MY blog. Its ...

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