Funday Monday #6

How was everyone’s week?  I am finally done my traveling for the summer.  I went to Minnesota for the MLB all star game (post coming soon) with Jett, my 5 year old, and have been working on some unfinished house projects.  You know, the simple ones that never make the top of the to-do list,… 

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My Tips For The Best Smoothies – no recipe required #SilkSmoothies

Smoothies are one of my favorite snacks. I feel like I can make them healthy, taste yummy, and my kids will eat them easily as well. I have a few different go to recipes, but for the most part I just wing it with what I have in my fridge and pantry. For those of… 

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Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things

Book Review: Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things

Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things: A Wedding Planner Mystery by Rachelle J. Christensen   Adrielle Pyper knows how to plan a wedding, and she’s especially good at pleasing bridezillas. But when her biggest client and bestfriend is murdered just three days before the wedding, Adri’s world falls apart. She moves to the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho,… 

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What happens in Minnesota

What Happens In Minnesota… my first vlog.

  So, you know how watching yourself on video is 10 times as awkward as it felt while BEING on the video?  Yeah, that.  Unless you have professional video people, it doesn’t come out all professional looking.  Dang it!  Well, I was in Minneapolis and had to share with the family what we were up… 

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Gopher Museum

Kid-Friendly Day Trips From Calgary: Red Deer

Fun and Frugal Kids Activities My friend Karrie has 5 kids, including a teenager, a toddler, and several in between.  In an effort to find different activities this summer that fit all the ages of her children, they invested a half tank of gas, a picnic lunch and $6.50 for a fun family outing. The… 

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Social Media Etiquette #bedroomspice

I always say I still feel like I am 18. Then I hang out with my teenage niece and nephews and I think, nope, still 30. I am so greatful to have finished high school before Facebook and social media existed. It’s just such an awkward phase of life. The relationship ups and downs. The… 

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Bookcase Styling

Book Case Styling

When we ordered our coffee table for the living room from Sauder, we decided to order a mid sized book case as well.  The price was great and the greenish blue color was swoon worthy. Bead board back? A cute book case you don’t need to do anything to? Sign me up.  I love the versatility… 

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Painted Pianos

Painted Pianos & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The Pianos I got a piano from a family friend, and it worked well but the color made my house feel too orange.  My husband made me banish it to the office, but I hated playing in such a small room.  I decided it was going to live in the living room and I was going… 

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Book Planter

Book Terrarium and Funday Monday Link Party

This week was the Calgary Stampede and I didn’t attend once.  I am so sad about it, but relieved at the same time.  My kids are too young to take for longer than an hour.  I attended an amazing class with Feathering Your Nest – we made hard cover books into planters, and made terrariums…. 

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Peter Potential

The Peter Potential – Book Review

How does an insignificant and mere mortal man accomplish such great things, such as Peter.  A man who was simply a fisherman was able to accomplish amazing things and even walked on water.  This powerful book is full of quotes to motivate, inspire, and encourage the reader. Book Title: The Peter Potential Author: David Butler &… 

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Surviving Hitler

Surviving Hitler – Book Review

Title: Surviving Hitler Author: O. Hakan Palm Release Date: July 7, 2014 About the Author: O. Hakan Palm, eldest son of Gustav and Agnes Erdos Palm, has been shaped by his parent’s wartime experiences. A successful management consultant in Stockholm, Sweden, Hakan has served faithfully in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a bishop,… 

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FLY! Fan! Fourth Of July

Family Fourth Last week we were in Idaho Falls visiting Mick’s family for the 4th of July and all of a sudden my kids became obsessed with fans of all kinds.  Only they don’t call them fans, they shout FLY! Fly! whenever they see one, often repeated by FLY ON! if the fan isn’t turned… 

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Travel games

Easy Travel Games For Kids

  #482194621 / Traveling With Kids Who Can’t Read The all american road trip – is any summer complete without them?  As much fun as it is to visit family members and friends, see tourist sites, and eat yummy food, the only thing that ruins the experience is hearing your kid ask “Are We… 

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Funday Monday

Today’s Monday Funday features were compiled by Merry of Merry About Town. Taco salad is one of my favorite foods. While it is called a salad, it isn’t always all that healthy. I love the idea of Quinoa Taco Salad from Crystal & Co. The goodness of quinoa and the yumminess of tacos. Yes, please!… 

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Syntax Home

Syntax Home In SE Calgary

The Syntax Home The Syntax is one side of a duplex show home (the other is the Sonik), in the SE Calgary community of Mahogany.  It has 1,293 square feet with an open concept main floor and an ideal 3 bedroom upper floor waiting for a young family to move in. I love the stylish kitchen with its… 

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Books Of The Summer

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love to read.  In fact, its why I started to continue to blog.  I wanted to list the books I read, and recommend books based on what my friends liked reading.  If you want to see some more book suggestions I wrote an entire post on books… 

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Taking Inspiration from the World’s Most Stylish Casinos

  Bringing world class design into the comfort of your own home. They say that inspiration comes from everywhere, and this couldn’t be truer. As we visit new places and see more beautiful sights, inspiration comes in the most unexpected forms, especially for designers. From birds’ nests inspiring whole Olympic stadiums to people creating extremely… 

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