Entertaining With Ease

Entertaining With Ease and Cheese

Its time for Holiday and Christmas cocktail parties. I love parties, and don’t mind hosting them as long as I have a plan in mind. I recently had a Canadian cheese tasting party, and thought I would share because it was so ‘easy to put together. The Decor I used simple white dishes that I…

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Home & Design


A Chair For Night Stand

If anyone knows me in real life, they know that my mom is my design side kick.  We make a pretty good team because we have TOTALLY different styles ...

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Loving Local – Calgary

Spencer Ogden Calgary Office 1

The rapidly growing recruitment firm Spencer-Ogden just opened its new office doors in Calgary last week.  What makes it stand out to me is not its ...

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Gopher Museum

Fun and Frugal Kids Activities My friend Karrie has 5 kids, including a teenager, a toddler, and several in between.  In an effort to find different ...

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Book Planter

This week was the Calgary Stampede and I didn't attend once.  I am so sad about it, but relieved at the same time.  My kids are too young to take for ...

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Outlander – Loved the books, and now loving the TV show. In case you missed my earlier announcement, the Outlander book series is now a TV show is showing on STARZ. It premiered Saturday August 9th, and you can still watch the first episode on the website. Not only is the show visually stunning, for…

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Now would be a good time to break the news to your friends that you’re unavailable for the next eight Saturdays due to Outlander being your top priority. If you need help, use this as a guide. Have you read the Outlander series of books? It is such a good series, but the books are…

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I always say I still feel like I am 18. Then I hang out with my teenage niece and nephews and I think, nope, still 30. I am so greatful to have finished high school before Facebook and social media existed. It’s just such an awkward phase of life. The relationship ups and downs. The…

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